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Wasoto in Field of Iot & Smart Home Since 2012

Shenzhen Wasoto Tech Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise that integrates R&D, production and marketing in one. With more than 600 employees and 10,000 square meters of modern standard factory building, passed a series of quality assurance system and products safety certification standards, such as IS09001, ISO14001, 3C, CE, FCC, TLC, UL, GS.

Our main products line include smart home products, IR remote control, smart socket, smart switch, led light strips and so on. And the products are exported to more than 50 countries and districts, such as Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia , Africa and Australia.

Main Featured Products Line:

●  Tuya Smart Detector

●  Tuya Smart Switch

●  Smart IP Webcam

●  IR Romote Control

●  Intelligent Led Light Strip

① Tuya Smart Detector

Sensor is a kind of detection device, which is mainly composed of sensitive elements, conversion circuit and power supply circuit. Sensitive devices (such as those sensitive to temperature, light, gas and pressure) convert the change of the measured object (temperature to be measured, light intensity, etc.) into a continuously changing signal (analog signal), then convert the analog signal into a changing current and voltage (digital signal) through the conversion circuit, and finally further process the information, such as recording and display Product linkage, etc.

The sensor is powered by battery. After power on, it will work all the time. The sensitive element will always sense the change of the measured object, but whether this change will be converted into a digital signal immediately depends on the data sampling time of the conversion circuit (the sampling time can be set through MCU program). The conversion circuit samples every other time point. The shorter the sampling time, the higher the power consumption. On the contrary, the lower the power consumption.

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Human Motion Sensor

When the human body is a heat source object and the human moves, the heat source changes, and the pyroelectric probe detects the signal and reports it. The wasoto sensor detects that someone is moving, reports the status of someone, turns on the 50s timed wake-up mechanism (the sensor will not detect it in 0-50s). If the sensor detects that someone is moving within 50-60s, it enters the 50s timed mechanism (no detection within 50s later) and will not continue to report, and so on; At the end of 50-60s, if the sensor detects that no one is moving, report the no one status.

Water Leakage Sensor

After the main body of the water immersion sensor is immersed in water (0.5mm water depth), two probes are short circuited due to immersion, so as to report information (tap water is generally conductive and cannot be used for non-conductive purified water or distilled water); If the water immersion sensor has been immersed in water (immersion in water shall not exceed one hour), report the information every 5 minutes.

Door And Window Magnetic Sensor

The main body of the wasoto door and window magnetic sensor and the magnet have a magnetic force within the distance range to generate a signal to the main body, and the disappearance of the magnetic force outside the distance range generates another signal. Different signals produce opening and closing.

Temperature And Humidity Sensor

The sensor will adopt the intermittent sampling mechanism to conduct environmental sampling every 5 minutes. When the ambient temperature and humidity exceed the preset temperature 0.6 ° or humidity 6% threshold of the sensor, the data will be reported, or the data will be synchronized to the app every 30 minutes.

② Tuya Smart Switch

Wasoto intelligent switch refers to the unit that uses the combination and programming of control board and electronic components to realize circuit intelligent switch control. Switch control is also called bang-bang control. Because this control mode is simple and easy to implement, it is used in the control of many household appliances and lighting lamps. However, conventional switch control is difficult to meet the requirements of further improving control accuracy and energy saving.

The key points of intelligent switch are good stability, fast transmission speed and strong anti-interference ability. The intelligent switch uses a special signal line alone, which is not interfered by other radiation clutter such as power line and radio, and the operation stability of the product is very strong. The stability of performance will determine the speed and anti-interference ability of transmission signal.

③ Smart IP Webcam

Network camera integrates the functions of traditional camera and computer. It not only digitizes and compresses the video signal, but also has a network interface. Video is transmitted through IP network via network switch and recorded on standard PC equipped with video management software. The network video system composed of network cameras is not only a real network video system, but also a completely digital system, because no analog equipment is used. The video signal of the monitored scene is continuously transmitted from the network camera through the IP network. No matter where the viewer is, the camera can provide the viewer with stable image quality.

Smart camera technology will evolve into two opposite trends in the future: high-precision professional camera and general-purpose camera relying on back-end support. The use scenes of high-precision professional (industrial) cameras are mostly traffic recognition and financial warning, such as license plate recognition in intelligent transportation, face recognition and track tracking in financial protection. In addition, the general-purpose camera supported by the back end will become the mainstream of smart cameras in the future. The reason is that the technical threshold is relatively low, the batch is larger and the investment is lower.

④ IR Romote Control

IR smart remote control a new generation of intelligent housekeeper, which helps you take care of the complicated world and start your new life. You no longer need to find the designated remote control, whether your device is bluetooth, infrared, zeegbe connection, with it all your appliances like a symphony orchestra, at your command. 

⑤ Intelligent Led Light Strip

LED light strip refers to the assembly of LED on strip FPC (flexible circuit board) or PCB hard board, which is named because its product shape is like a strip. Because of its long service life (generally the normal service life is 80000 ~ 100000 hours), and very energy-saving and green environmental protection, it has gradually emerged in various decoration industries. LED light strip and LED light strip have been widely used in furniture, automobile, advertising, lighting, ship, bar and other industries.



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