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Widely Application of Our Smart Home Items

Smart Home (home automation) is a residential platform, using generic cabling technology, network communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to integrate the facilities related to home life, build an efficient management system of residential facilities and family daily affairs, and improve home safety, convenience, comfort and artistry, and realize the living environment of environmental protection and energy saving.


1. Home Automation Control

The so-called home automation refers to the system that uses the electronic technology of microprocessor to integrate and control the electronic products at home. In short, the home automation system is a central processing unit, which allows this processor to receive the information of home appliances. The application of this processor mainly depends on the intelligent system of smart home, which also promotes the application of smart home electronic products in this home.

2. Security Field

Wasoto home gas leakage monitoring, fire prevention monitoring, anti-theft monitoring, smart camera, smart door lock, smart cat eye and other security products are the applications of smart home in the field of security.

When the central controller receives the data from the gas probe, it will immediately execute the command of opening the window / curtain and closing the main gas valve (explosion-proof gas control valve needs to be installed), and notify the user's mobile phone at the same time;

When the smoke sensor detects the smoke and reaches the over standard value, it will send a command to notify the central controller, and the central controller will send a message to the user's mobile phone. And send water spraying instructions to the fire sprinkler equipment in the corresponding area.

3. Other Areas

The main application fields of smart home include lighting control, curtain control, scene control, air conditioning control, background music control, video monitoring, property management, remote monitoring and value-added services, which will not be introduced one by one here.

Main Featured Common Applications:

1. Mobile remote control air conditioner

When you are half an hour before work, just dial the mobile phone button to make the electric rice cooker cook, the washing machine wash clothes, and the water heater boil water. In particular, you can turn on the air conditioner and adjust it slowly to rise to the appropriate body temperature. To realize the remote control of air conditioning by mobile phone, the mobile phone sends instructions to the gateway of smart home, and then transmits them to the wireless control module for ZigBee network transformation of air conditioning system. The wireless control module is embedded in the air conditioning system and operates the air conditioning through the wireless network.

2. Intelligent curtain

When you wake up in the morning, you can dial the mobile controller or mobile phone beside the bed to slowly open the curtains to meet the early morning sun; When you go to bed at night, you just want to yawn and get ready to go to sleep, and your curtains are closed later. These are the magical experiences of intelligent curtains, which make people feel worry-free and easy.

3. Intelligent lighting

When you approach the dimly lit aisle when you get off work, the aisle lighting will turn on automatically and slowly. The lighting will turn off automatically and slowly 2 minutes after the personnel leave the entrance area; When you enter the living room, the indoor light will start to illuminate automatically. Once you leave for 2 minutes, the light will go out slowly.

In this fast-paced life era, smart home can reduce cumbersome housework, improve efficiency and save time for users, so that people can have more time to rest, education, exercise and study, so as to greatly improve people's quality of life.



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